My Dream Writing Job

I’ve been thinking that there are a few writing jobs that would make me happy. These jobs are writing for a magazine, blogging full-time, being an author or a journalist. And with a year left, till I have my bachelor’s degree in digital journalism, it’s hard to decide what to do.

My head says to go and try to be a journalist. I don’t think it’d be that bad of a job and probably would stay busy from what I understand about it so far. But, covering anything political or government oriented, that would be so stressful because I flat out don’t get it and really don’t care.

So magazine writing doesn’t seem too bad of a job. I mean the thought of writing for this seems impressive. Probably because I just think that I’ll be able to interview really cool people and write about it. However,  I’m probably kidding myself.

Blogging full-time…. yeah that be awesome, but this blog would have to take off so much for it to become a job. Like I just guess I’d have to make at least 2-3k a month to even sustain myself independently. And even then it’d proly be hard.

An author would be interesting. I’d have to write a book of course and hope that it becomes popular and people buy it. That’s a pretty big dream like blogging full-time, but maybe both would happen around the same time? Have a famous book, blog grows or a popular blog and have a book I write take off.

Either way, my life is sure going to change in about a year. I’m nervous but excited as well. Hopefully, I’ll end up doing something that I like as a job. Be finally done with college, least for now anyway.


Writing About Today 4/22/17

Today, my life seems hectic. I was going to go to the zoo with my girlfriend this weekend but had to say no because of college homework. Seems stupid, I had to decline. I wish there was less homework in school and more spare time.

I hate the thought of having a boss one day when I start a job. I’m not sure what my problem with that has always been but maybe I just want to make my own hours and do work that I’m passionate about and can succeed in. Is that wrong? If there is a job out there that needs a writer who can never stop thinking, I think I’d fit there nicely.

My brain hardly turns off, but my body does.  I’m not sure how many nights, I’ve been trying to write a blog post before bed. Every time, it fails and I’ll delete something I’ve written thinking why should I publish it? The reason for that is because I don’t like what has been put in the post by myself.

I overthink constantly when it comes to writing. I never thought I’d be trying to make a career out of typing things up. Not blogging but as a digital journalism major. I see myself writing for something, maybe that’s a newspaper or magazine in the future. Honestly, the end goal in time would be to write for me. Whether that is blogging, freelancing, book writing or whatever, I hope I get there someday.

I Blog And Write Better With Coffee

I don’t know what it is, but coffee makes me write and blog better. Perhaps, it’s the caffeine or the routine I’ve gotten into where if I’m doing homework, I must have some coffee nearby. Yeah, I think it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into and have to say, it’s a great tasting one.

I’m not sure how you like your coffee, but I enjoy mine without anything added to it. I know some people think that is gross, I just believe that it tastes good. Soon as I taste the coffee, I’m like woohoo let’s go! Weird enough, I haven’t been drinking much of it because I think I’ve been trying to just not rely on it as much.

About a year or two ago, I was drinking like three to five cups a day. I don’t know if that is okay for you or not, but figured it was probably a good idea to stop drinking as much. With that in mind, I’ve been drinking more soda, and that’s not good either. It’s probably time I start drinking more coffee and drink some freaking water. I don’t drink water really at all, and that’s not okay.

I think it’s just a habit of mine to have coffee while doing homework or things that I need to be focused on to do. Maybe, I find it easier to concentrate when I drink a little bit of coffee or at least have a bit of caffeine. On the other side of that, I don’t really like energy drinks because they make me really hyper than tired. I guess they also make me focused but it’s just not the same as coffee to me. The slightly more focused is better than being extremely focused and than falling asleep after a few hours.

Where You Can Find Me Writing

I don’t have one answer for the different places that I write in. Instead, there are two.

First space I write in is laying in bed. I pull out my tablet, sit up and start putting down thoughts onto a blog post or a homework assignment. Also, I enjoy coffee and will normally have a cup of it right next to me. Wish I had some right now because it seems to help.

My desk in my dorm room is another place I write which is with a laptop. Coffee is usually next to me as well but not close enough where it will spill and get on my computer. Long story short, I fried a laptop I had when I spilled water on it, never doing that again.

Those are the places where I write the most and it’s normally accompanied with me listening to music or having silence. It’s hard for me to write when there is a lot going on next to me and more than likely, I’ll have some coffee with me too.

If you guys could do me a huge favor, please go to my contact page on this blog and send me an idea for a blog post!