Trying To Think Of Blogging Topics Constantly

I judge myself with writing. There are a billion things to write about, and yet it seems that what flows into my head is what has been popular on my blog. College, writing, and blogging. While that may be the case of what people like to read, I don’t always have ideas for posts.

I’m a writer who is angry at writing. Every day seems like a pain in the ass when trying put together blog posts. It is a lot easier to swear than not so I will continue to do so throughout this piece and more. If I censor myself in every work I ever publish, I will go insane.

Insert a billion swear words here.

Seriously, what is the deal with choosing topics to blog about and then running out of ideas? It seems as thought it’s pointless to focus on one topic. If I just write about three categories, I feel extremely pressured to come up with ideas and post something. So here is my post everyone, it’s me complaining.

I don’t know what always to talk about and sometimes I feel as though it’s easier to write about things that piss me off. Hence, this post. This last week of mine has been nothing but homework, and staying up late at night trying to write blog posts in my “spare time.”

Perhaps, this is the key to writing when you can’t get anything down, and you have deleted a lot of posts. Just write something that pisses you off even if it’s the thing within itself. The idea, the thought that you can’t fucking write something that you’ve spent so much time on and now you’re getting mad because you’d like to play a video game. Or just because writing isn’t always fun, it’s frustrating as fuck, and if you don’t believe so, I WISH YOU COULD UNDERSTAND THIS FRUSTRATION SO YOU CAN RELATE WITH ME.


Like the fact I just typed in all caps at someone reading this is largely pathetic. But who cares, I’m tired of trying to think of ideas about blogging or writing or whatever the bleeping crap I’m trying to do. Thinking of ideas for blog posts make me angry. I don’t know what the fuck else to put here other than thank you for reading and I need to play a damn video game and stop trying to think of ideas for at least few hours.