My Dream Writing Job

I’ve been thinking that there are a few writing jobs that would make me happy. These jobs are writing for a magazine, blogging full-time, being an author or a journalist. And with a year left, till I have my bachelor’s degree in digital journalism, it’s hard to decide what to do.

My head says to go and try to be a journalist. I don’t think it’d be that bad of a job and probably would stay busy from what I understand about it so far. But, covering anything political or government oriented, that would be so stressful because I flat out don’t get it and really don’t care.

So magazine writing doesn’t seem too bad of a job. I mean the thought of writing for this seems impressive. Probably because I just think that I’ll be able to interview really cool people and write about it. However,  I’m probably kidding myself.

Blogging full-time…. yeah that be awesome, but this blog would have to take off so much for it to become a job. Like I just guess I’d have to make at least 2-3k a month to even sustain myself independently. And even then it’d proly be hard.

An author would be interesting. I’d have to write a book of course and hope that it becomes popular and people buy it. That’s a pretty big dream like blogging full-time, but maybe both would happen around the same time? Have a famous book, blog grows or a popular blog and have a book I write take off.

Either way, my life is sure going to change in about a year. I’m nervous but excited as well. Hopefully, I’ll end up doing something that I like as a job. Be finally done with college, least for now anyway.