Book Review: Lifestyle Blogging Basics: A How-To for Investing in Yourself, Working With Brands, and Cultivating a Community Around Your Blog

For those who are just getting into blogging or haven’t had a lot of time with it, I recently finished reading Lifestyle Blogging Basics: A How-To for Investing in Yourself, Working With Brands, and Cultivating a Community Around Your Blog by Laura Lynn. The book seems to have a lot of useful tips for beginner bloggers.

Something that I really enjoy about this book is the different subjects she touches on, and the advice she is giving out doesn’t seem to just appeal to blogging the way she does with lifestyle blogging. For example, networking is touched on twice in the book slightly, and  I’d like to share a quote with you.

“If you can’t find any networking groups or local events that provide you with the chance to meet fellow bloggers in your city, I suggest setting one up for yourself. If you know there are other bloggers near you, just take the initiative of setting something up yourself.” -Laura Lynn, Lifestyle Blogging Basics: A How-To for Investing in Yourself, Working With Brands, and Cultivating a Community Around Your Blog

It would seem as if Lynn has given connecting with others who blog some serious thought. The idea of finding other people that engage in this nearby is wonderful and I’d like to do this as well. Also, besides the first chapter, she ends each section with what she messed up on with the advice she is giving to you.

However, I do want to emphasize some things, I believe that those who are experienced with blogging will have to skip chapter two. A lot of the things she talks about here may be something that you have had experience in already. After all the chapter is called “Getting Started.”

Also, chapter five seemed like mostly common knowledge on social media. There were a few things that caught my attention such as my lack of knowledge of Pinterest, “automation” and the times she referred to as the best to post on different social media. So all in all, that’s not too bad.

Perhaps my biggest complaint about the book is in chapter two. While I do understand what she is trying to give as far as advice for choosing a blogging platform, I wish she would have talked about the changes between having a blog on versus getting self-hosting such as shown from this article from the editorial staff on This wouldn’t benefit me too much, but I think it would help those who are just getting started blogging out.

While I may have a few complaints about the book, it is a solid read. I believe a lot of people will get good information from this book and I enjoy how she wrote it. While this book may be questionable to buy for more experienced bloggers, it is definitely worth it for those just getting started or relatively inexperienced.

I give this book a thumbs up. You can get this book from Amazon here.

I want to write a book

One thing that has been on mind lately is that I want to write a book. I’m stuck in between non-fiction and fiction. Perhaps, the best thing to do is just write something and then worry about it after.

Self-doubt fills my head with writing. It happens with college assignments and will probably carry over with a book. Where do you even start with an idea for a book? That is something I wish I knew.

Writing is enjoyable. But at times, It’s frustrating. So many thoughts enter my head just for me to brush them off. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, even with life. When I started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital journalism, I didn’t know if I was going to like it at all. Fast forward a year, and I think it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Nevertheless, I’m not a great writer. I don’t even know when I’ll get to that point. To me, a great writer is one that can write without overthinking and would look at me and think he’s not there. They would probably say, hey I’ve been there, and you’re not ready to be at this level yet. That’s all speculation, but it’s one I believe is true.

If I could write a book that talked about all this self-doubt I have with writing, wouldn’t that be great? Perhaps a book on a writer who struggles to write? Something tells me that’s been done before too. I want to write a book, but I’m still trying to figure out the start of the idea and maybe, that’s the hardest part for me. A student studying digital journalism who struggles with ideas, that’s me.