New Blogging Schedule

For a few weeks, I have not posted anything to this site. I apologize, but my life is a little hectic right now between balancing school work, applying for internships and trying to keep sane with finals around the corner. Honestly, it is a little much, but I am pushing through.

With that in mind, I think it would be a good idea to implement a schedule again, and that will be posting once a week. When I made this blog, posting every day or regularly was easier, but that has not been possible lately. For example, my sleep is pretty screwed up, and some nights I will be up till two to three am only to wake up six hours later.

While I could keep complaining about that, I do not think it is fitting. As much as college makes me annoyed, there are many benefits. One of the cool things right now I can do is get better at writing features in a class I am taking called magazine freelancing. It is new for me to write like that and I am enjoying learning how to potentially pitch story ideas to magazines and putting together articles for them too.

Speaking of that, I have been able to interview some cool people because of that class such as Author, Elizabeth Fountain and Food Blogger, Scott Wink. Not to be too overconfident but I think that what is happening is my teacher is helping me realize what my flaws are with interviewing, writing features and even getting writer’s block. There have been many days lately where I do not have the energy to write or want to write, yet I do.

Anyone who writes a ton knows how tiring it can get. I am unsure what exactly the cure is for being unable to write. Perhaps, it is forcing yourself to write or knowing when to take a break and stop. Either way, I am excited to see what these next few months have in store for me and appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

Trying To Think Of Blogging Topics Constantly

I judge myself with writing. There are a billion things to write about, and yet it seems that what flows into my head is what has been popular on my blog. College, writing, and blogging. While that may be the case of what people like to read, I don’t always have ideas for posts.

I’m a writer who is angry at writing. Every day seems like a pain in the ass when trying put together blog posts. It is a lot easier to swear than not so I will continue to do so throughout this piece and more. If I censor myself in every work I ever publish, I will go insane.

Insert a billion swear words here.

Seriously, what is the deal with choosing topics to blog about and then running out of ideas? It seems as thought it’s pointless to focus on one topic. If I just write about three categories, I feel extremely pressured to come up with ideas and post something. So here is my post everyone, it’s me complaining.

I don’t know what always to talk about and sometimes I feel as though it’s easier to write about things that piss me off. Hence, this post. This last week of mine has been nothing but homework, and staying up late at night trying to write blog posts in my “spare time.”

Perhaps, this is the key to writing when you can’t get anything down, and you have deleted a lot of posts. Just write something that pisses you off even if it’s the thing within itself. The idea, the thought that you can’t fucking write something that you’ve spent so much time on and now you’re getting mad because you’d like to play a video game. Or just because writing isn’t always fun, it’s frustrating as fuck, and if you don’t believe so, I WISH YOU COULD UNDERSTAND THIS FRUSTRATION SO YOU CAN RELATE WITH ME.


Like the fact I just typed in all caps at someone reading this is largely pathetic. But who cares, I’m tired of trying to think of ideas about blogging or writing or whatever the bleeping crap I’m trying to do. Thinking of ideas for blog posts make me angry. I don’t know what the fuck else to put here other than thank you for reading and I need to play a damn video game and stop trying to think of ideas for at least few hours.

Balancing Blogging With Life

An article I read online was interesting, to say the least. This woman is a full-time travel blogger, and she tells you what she does throughout the week. I find it inspiring that on the weekends, she tries to relax.

“I tend to try and keep weekends similar to those around me, for down time and seeing friends and family. I will write here and there and do the occasional email, but nothing too much. Everyone deserves time to themselves, no matter what you do.” – Hayleigh Mccullough

I can relate to her. From March 11th to April 1st, 2017, I tried to blog on this site every single day. It was hard to do, and when I got back to college, I couldn’t keep up with it. Perhaps, I should have balanced it more out when school started again, and maybe there would be more frequent posts from me.

It doesn’t help that the amount of homework from college is stacking up. My daily routine is waking up, going to class, doing homework and try to find time to do anything else. Maybe, I just took to many classes this quarter, and it’s wearing me out. In another story online, one of the college students talks about how hard it was to try to keep up with a blog while balancing school and other things in life. That is the struggle I’m going through, but I don’t want to stop doing it.

To give you a little bit more about me non-blogging related, I have this habit of doing something than giving up on it. It’s happened with a lot of different things, such as streaming on Twitch, writing a book, going to the gym, and more. It’s a cycle I go through, I’m either really into something or not.

Nevertheless, I think Mccullough has a good point on the importance of balance. What better person to talk to than someone who does this full-time? So I encourage you, take some time to relax from blogging, just don’t forget about it.

11 Topics to Blog About

Here is a list of a few things that you could write a blog post about in the future. You could write a review of the latest video game that came out that you played. Even more, you could also talk about one of the hobbies you have and why you love it or hate it.


  • Blogging – You could talk about the stresses involved with blogging.
  • Writing – Think about what makes you want to write. Do you plan to be an author, a journalist, or a blogger?
  • Coffee – I like coffee and enjoy drinking it when I write or blog. Do you?
  • Video Games – Review the latest video game that you played. Have you been playing them for a long time or gotten a friend into playing them?
  • Video Game Consoles – Do you own one and if so, what? Think about blogging about what the console means for you or how much time you spend around one.
  • Life – Are you going to college? Do you have something excited you did today?
  • Love – Speak your thoughts on
  • What makes you feel happy – Self-explanatory
  • What makes you feel stressed – Self Explanatory
  • Life Goals – Talk about what goals you have in life and how far you are in accomplishing them.
  • Hobbies – What are your hobbies? How long have you been doing them and will you continue them in the future?



Within these topics, try to find something that you think people will read. For example, in a blog post of mine, the headline was I Blog And Write Better With Coffee. I figured this would appeal to those that drink coffee and write or blog. Hopefully, that thinking helps you if you use any of these ideas for a blog topic.